USA Basketball main Xi KelangGloria

 yesterday at the press conference in Dallas, announced U.S. men's basketball final 12 man squad will be finalized on July 7, the team will arrive on the 26th in London, to participate in the Olympic Games men's basketball tournament.

Colangelo said that the United States Olympic Committee has agreed to the men's basketball to postpone the decision to submit the final list, "It is not easy, because we have four players originally planned (Howard, Ross, Orr Bridgeport, Bi Lupu Sri Lanka) were injured, so our selection process by a certain influence on this year's NBA schedule delay plus some changes, so our training time will be very short. "Colangelo said.

Turning to the decision to defer submission of the list, Colangelo said from various considerations. "Now every team in the playoffs a critical moment, there are still a lot of players are likely to have injuries and physical state, so in order to be able to maintain flexibility, we need a longer time to examine the physical condition of players. "

The new U.S. men's basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski, in 2008 to help the U.S. team to regain the Olympic gold medal, he said to the second team Olympics Games is a great honor. "This is an honor for me to become national team coach, this is a dream come true moment, and the best players to work together. President asked me if he is willing to coach the national team in 2008, I know a lot of pressure. But I accepted the invitation. "Krzyzewski said.

The two contest to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the U.S. Dream Team Men's Basketball, USA Basketball also ranked second in the world Spain and Argentina ranked third in the world, respectively in the July 22 and July 24 May. According to the plan, the United States will arrive in London on July 26, began Olympic journey.