The second batch of the Chinese Basketball layoff list published: Zhu Yan west of the Beijing team onto the Olympic team training camp, Liaoning team yangming to leave the national team because of bodily injury reasons.

Chinese Basketball Association announced on its official website that the layoff decision: "the recent training of the national team as well as with the U.S. Occupational Wing warm-up inspection by the coaching staff, approved by the Chinese Basketball Association, the national team decided to re-Players' adjustment, Zhu Yan Western technical and tactical ability yet to achieve the requirements of the national team preparing for the future development potential of the player, but considering Zhu Yan West decided to let into the Olympic team training camp. Yang Ming recently, another player not work properly due to personal health reasons participate in national team training and competition, and therefore also the team adjust the list of them. "

Earlier this month, the team has been pre-cut West heat Jiang, Li Xiaoxu, Duan Jiang Peng. May 16 to 20 and the U.S. Occupational wing three warm-up matches the inspection, the team announced today cut Zhu Yan West and Yang Ming. At present, the Chinese men's basketball count has not been the return of Yi Jianlian, a total of 17 individuals on the list.

Zhu Yan West in the three warm-up match for the first time the national team played a total of 16 minutes, but 0-for-7 shooting to score a point. Zhu Yan West failed in the league midfielder, averaging 12.2 points and 5.4 rebounds in the national team to show the desired level. Taking into account this year, only 22-year-old Basketball Association decided to let him leave the national team into the Olympic team training camp.

Yang Ming also has a good performance in the league, but frequent injuries led to his little battle with the Chinese Basketball Intercontinental Competition. This year, injuries again impact on the national team of the Liaoning guard the road.Since the men's basketball training, Yang Ming has been plagued by injuries, the three warm-up games can only be sidelined.

Attachment: updated list of the 17 Chinese men's basketball

Inside: Yi Jianlian, Wang, Su Wei, Zhang Zhaoxu, Wangzhe Lin, Han Dejun

Striker: Zhu Fangyu, Sun Yue, Zhou Peng, Ding Jinhui, Yi Li, Di Xiaochuan

Defenders: Liu Wei, Wang Shipeng, Chen, Guo Allan, Bo Zhang