June 15, Ukraine Kiev News  from leading to lagging behind, the lineup is not the whole of England did not give up. With Walcott and Welbeck and two key goals, England 3-2 ahead Sweden. After the game, ready audience Ashley Cole, England's performance worthy of one-third.

As one of the world's best left back, Ashley Cole hurt in the body of two consecutive playing on consecutive nights, although did not score, but his assists and defense to win the team has played a significant role in . England 's performance, Ashley Cole said in an interview, "This is a very difficult game, especially the second half. overtake behind the case that it is very difficult."

Today's game, Hodgson bold evolutions, Carol the first, in addition, he continued to bold use of young players, Welbeck continues to the first 61 minutes, he Walcott, who replaced James Milner . It is precisely the two men scored a crucial goal. As Big Brother, Ashley Cole, the two young teenager very satisfied, "the two players are doing very well, and goals to help us win."

Draw with France , to win Sweden, England with four points, accounting for qualifying the initiative. The face of the final game against host Ukraine, Ashley Cole admits, "We also did not consider this game, we have been talking about the game, won three points, the game is worth winning."