According to Voice of China "News Coverage" reports, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean Maldives is a tourist destination, however, clear water, white sand of the Maldives has been exposed it is not glamorous.

  According to British "Daily Mail" reported that each year will usher in 750,000 visitors, which is 2 times the number of local residents. Refuse to make a large number of foreign tourists left over the local government struggling to cope with a once paradise and beautiful islands have to become a garbage dump, where every day to burn 330 tons of waste.

  Fushi Island Islands of the Slavonic became the victim in this island, plastic bottles, wrapping paper, corruption, food and other garbage and white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and swaying palm trees out of tune, the incineration of waste generated by gas pungent toxic, asbestos, lead, toxic waste is also a serious impact on the surrounding ecological environment.

  The Maldives are by coral reefs, environmental carrying capacity will inevitably lower the front of garbage around the island, has sounded the alarm to the rapid development of tourism.